The Words of Mathematics, Schwartzman S., 1994

The Words of Mathematics, Schwartzman S., 1994.
   The mathematical words that we use in English come from many sources and have assumed their current fonns as a result of various processes, either alone or in combination. Some English words used in mathematics are of native origin. Many of those are descended directly from Indo-European.

The Words of Mathematics, Schwartzman S., 1994

abridged (adjective): from Old French abregier, from Late Latin abbreviare "to shorten." The first component is from Latin ad- (q.v.) "to." The second component is from Latin brevis "short," which, via French, was borrowed into English as brief. The Indo-European root is mregh-u- "short." The word abridged is unrelated to native English bridge (q.v.). Abridged multiplication is a fonn of multiplication in which digits beyond a certain decimal place are deleted in each tenn of the partial product. [1, 138].

accrue (verb): from French accru( e ), past participIe of accroftre "to grow, increase"; from Latin ad "(on)to" and crescere "to grow." The Indo-European root is ker- "to grow." A related borrowing from French is crew, a group of people who increase your numbers. In finance, when interest accrues, it is added on to your capital, and the total amount of money you have grows bigger. [1,92].

Acknow ledgments.
Explanation of tenns and symbols.
An etymological dictionary of mathematical tenns.
Appendix: Mathematical entries that are etymologically related, grouped by roots.

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