Build an HTML5 Game, A Developers Guide with CSS and JavaScript, Bunyan K., 2015

Build an HTML5 Game, A Developers Guide with CSS and JavaScript, Bunyan K., 2015.

   This book cannot demonstrate the full range of possible HTML5 games and therefore does not explore the capabilities of HTML5 and JavaScript to the fullest. Instead, I concentrate on creating a single casual game, like those many developers have produced for years with Adobe Flash. These games are generally two-dimensional and single player with relatively short game loops. Advances in 3D capabilities, such as WebGL, mean that large, complex, immersive multiplayer games are either possible now or just around the corner, but a casual game project is a more natural place for a game developer to start. Simple projects also make it easier to illustrate the fundamental principles involved in building a game.

Build an HTML5 Game, A Developers Guide with CSS and JavaScript, Bunyan K., 2015

Mobile Browsers.
If you’re deploying on mobile devices or tablets, testing on a wide range of devices (iOS, Android, and Windows mobile) and multiple browsers is more important than ever. For basic mobile development, access to one iOS device and one Android device may be sufficient for testing, but when you’re considering wider distribution, the plot thickens. Apple’s iOS versions vary in their behavior, and Android comes in so many flavors on so many devices with differing screen resolutions and hardware configurations that you should have access to multiple devices (perhaps through a limited beta testing group) for testing. We won’t be packaging Bubble Shooter for release in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, but by virtue of writing the game using HTML5 and JavaScript, we’ll produce an app that’s playable on mobile devices without extra coding.

Ultimately, due to the fragmentation of the Android platform, it’s impossible for a single developer to test on every device; therefore, you may find it more viable to use a third-party testing service. Testing on iOS devices is slightly simpler because Apple controls its operating system and device specifications, but iPhones and iPads can be costly. When you add Windows tablets into the mix and consider the growing range of tablets and other portable devices that can run a web browser, you’ll realize that the mobile testing battle is difficult to win.

Part 1: Building a Game with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Chapter 1: Preparation and Setup.
Chapter 2: Sprite Animation Using jQuery and CSS.
Chapter 3: Game Logic.
Chapter 4: Translating Game State Changes to the Display.
Part 2: Enhancements with HTML5 and the Canvas.
Chapter 5: CSS Transitions and Transformations.
Chapter 6: Rendering Canvas Sprites.
Chapter 7: Levels, Sound, and More.
Chapter 8: Next Steps in HTML5.

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