Fly High 3, Pupil s Book, Perrett J., Covill C., 2011

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Fly High 3, Pupil's Book, Perrett J., Covill C., 2011.

Фрагмент из книги:
People, animals and plants need clean water. We drink water and we wash with it. Plants must have water to grow. We must look after the lakes and rivers. We mustn't waste water. Turn off the water when you clean your teeth. Baths use more water than showers. Take a shower, not a bath.

Fly High 3, Pupil's Book, Perrett J., Covill C., 2011

Food in Britain.
It's morning and this family is having breakfast. In Britain people sometimes have cereal and fruit in the morning. Other people have eggs and toast or bread and honey. People often drink orangejuice or tea with milk.

People in Britain love this food, fish and chips! There are many shops across the country. Lots of people put salt and vinegar on the chips. Lovely!

Hello, girls and boys!.
Our great friends.
1 He's from Africa..
2 Are you on holiday?.
3 I've got a camera..
4 Have you got your passports?.
Sally's Story: Snowy.
The FlyHigh Review 1.
Our wonderful year.
5 The postman comes at seven..
6 Do they play basketball?.
7 She doesn't like meat..
8 They always wake up early..
Sally's Story: The months of the year.
The FlyHigh Review 2.
Fun Time 1.
A fantastic adventure.
9 I'm cooking..
10 You aren't helping..
11 Are you going to town?.
12 Wait here. Don't move..
Sally's Story: The bear fight.
The FlyHigh Review 3.
Our favourite things.
13 He's got my toothbrush..
14 This is Trumpet's trumpet..
15 We've got some oranges..
16 There isn't much spaghetti..
Sally's Story: The babies are hungry!.
The FlyHigh Review 4.
Our amazing world.
17 Trumpet is stronger..
18 The best zoo in the world..
19 We were in the playground..
20 There weren't any chocolates..
Sally's Story: Amazing world.
The FlyHigh Review 5.
Fun Time 2.
A lovely surprise.
21 We danced in the Olympics..
22 Did you wash the floor, Sally?.
23 We had a wonderful time..
24 Did you drink your milk?.
Sally's Story: A week in London.
The FlyHigh Review 6.
Our fantastic holiday.
25 Can we make a sandcastle?.
26 You must be brave..
27 You're safe with us, Carrie..
28 We'll meet again..
Sally's Story: Our beautiful world.
The FlyHigh Review 7.
Fun Time 3.
Read with Trumpet: A day at school.
Read with Trumpet: Special days in Britain.
Read with Trumpet: A British town centre.
Read with Trumpet: Food in Britain.
Read with Trumpet: Amazing holidays.
Read with Trumpet: A week in New York.
Read with Trumpet: People in my community.
Read with Trumpet: Looking after our world.
The FlyHigh Music Show.
My Picture Dictionary.

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