Fly High 4, Activity Book, Perrett J., Covill C., 2011

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Fly High 4, Activity Book, Perrett J., Covill C., 2011.

   Fly High is a motivating four-level course for young learners that integrates grammar and skills in a fun and engaging way.

Fly High 4, Activity Book, Perrett J., Covill C., 2011

I haven't brushed Oscar yet!
Complete the sentences using yet.
1 The children have gone outside but Dr Wild
2 Kelly has put her bag in the car butJack
3 Dr Wild has seen her friends but the children
4 The children have looked at the photos but their friend.

Correct the sentences.
1 I hasn't looked at the newspapers yet
2 Have the police cotched the thief yet?
3 Claudia and Magnus gone to prison.
4 Toto have flown around the garden.
S Have they yet been to the zoo?
6 Dr Wild is given Toto back to the zoo.

1 Where's Toto?.
2 We're getting ready!.
3 Dr Wild drives well.
4 Skills: Let's phone Mel.
FlyHigh File: Countries and nationalities.
5 There was a storm.
6 We landed on a beach.
7 Did you talk to them?.
8 Skills: I'd like tickets for the museum, please.
FlyHigh File: Hurricanes.
The FlyHigh Review 1.
Storytime: Robinson Crusoe.
9 Magnus and Claudia had an accident!.
10 Did they find Toto?.
11 Claudia couldn't hear.
12 Skills: I'm sorry I couldn't come.
FlyHigh File: Dinosaurs.
13 They went through the town.
14 How much were the tickets?.
15 I heard something!.
16 Skills: I'd like chips.
FlyHigh File: London bus tour.
The FlyHigh Review 2.
Storytime: Alice in Wonderland.
17 Is it yours?.
18 You don't have to shout!.
19 Dr Wild went to the bank to get some money.
20 Skills: I arrive at twenty to nine.
FlyHigh File: Clothes through the ages.
21 The red van is faster!.
22 They are the silliest people in the world!.
23 Oscar has got the most comfortable bed!.
24 Skills: Which bike do you like best?.
FlyHigh File: Planets.
The FlyHigh Review 3.
Storytime: The Prince and the Pauper.
25 I want to join in.
26 He likes tobogganing!.
27 What shall we do?.
28 Skills: Shall we meet in the park or at my house?.
FlyHigh File: Sporting legends.
29 Гт going to phone the police!.
30 Are they going to come home now?.
31 Why did they want Toto?.
32 Skills: Would you like to come to our party?.
FlyHigh File: Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
The FlyHigh Review 4.
Storytime: The Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor.
33 Jack has disappeared!.
34 Have you seen these photos?.
35 I haven't brushed Oscar yet!.
36 Skills: You should take your camera.
FlyHigh File: The Arctic and Antarctic.
The FlyHigh Review 5.

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