Upstream Advanced, Teather s Book, Evons V., Edwards L., 2003

Upstream Advanced, Teather's Book, Evons V., Edwards L., 2003.

   Upstream Advanced is a modular secondary-level course for learners of the English language at advanced level. The series combines active English learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed units.

Upstream Advanced, Teather's Book, Evons V., Edwards L., 2003

Something to Shout About.
Tell Ss they are going to listen to three people talking about what they think are the secrets of success. Put the three people on the board in this order: neurosurgeon - business executive - actor. Check they understand the meaning of 'neurosurgeon'. Elicit from Ss what they think these people might say about the secrets of success and list ideas on the board.

Let Ss listen once to identify the speakers and see if they have predicted correctly. Tell Ss they will have to listen for specific words to complete the sentences in the exercise. Advise them to look at the words that come before and after the gaps and to consider the grammar of the sentence. Tell them that this is a task they will have to do in the Listening paper.

UNIT 1 Something to Shout About.
UNIT 2 Escape Artists.
Self-Assessment Module 1.
UNIT 3.People Power.
UNIT 4 Growing Concerns.
Self-Assessment Module 2.
UNIT 5 Our Changing World.
UNIT 6.A Job Well Done.
Self-Assessment Module 3.
UNIT 7 Fit for Life.
UNIT 8 Live and Learn.
Self-Assessment Module 4.
UNIT 9 The Image Business.
UNIT 10 Shop Around.
Self-Assessment Module 5.
Peer Assessment Checklist.
Writing Checklists.
Key to Workbook.

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