The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology, Matsumoto D., 2009

The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology, Matsumoto D., 2009.

   It is perhaps most fitting that a dictionary of psychology begins with definitions of the terms dictionary and psychology. This is the definition of psychology presented in this work, and it highlights several important points concerning this dictionary. First, psychology is broad. Its contents range from the microlevel neural processes that form the building blocks of thought, feeling, and action to the macrolevel social and cultural processes that bind us with our primate relatives in our evolutionary history and define our collectives. For that reason, a dictionary of psychology needs to include terms and concepts related to neural structures, chemicals, transmitters, genes, and anatomy, as much as it needs to include social processes, network analysis, and cultural norms and artifacts. It also needs to include concepts related to the array of abnormal behaviors and methods related to their treatment.

The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology, Matsumoto D., 2009

n. Unfavorable comparison to some other person or some standard. Henry Murray suggested abasement was a basic human need to lower one’s self relative to those other people a person considers superior to himself or herself, to give power to that superior person, or to atone for perceived errors or sins.

n. The state of being unable to walk due to an absence or deficiency in motor coordination. There are numerous causes of abasia including muscle joint, nerve, or bone problems in the legs; damage or malformation of the spinal cord; and damage or malformation of the brain.

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