Think 4, Teachers Book, Hart B., Puchta H.

Think 4, Teachers Book, Hart B., Puchta H.

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Disappearing sentences: You'll need to write out the dialogues on the board or IWB for this one. Макс AB pairs so that half of the class are A and half are B. Students practise the conversations from Exercise 2 in their pairs. Cover a small section of the dialogue, beginning from the right hand side of the screen or board. Students repeat the dialogues in their same AB pairings trying to remember the whole thing, including the parts they can no longer see Cover more and more of the dialogue, with students practising at each stage, until eventually nothing is left on the board and students have memorised the entire conversation. Ask for volunteers to perform for the class or have all As and all Bs perform in unison. This activity involving lots of repetition is a fun way for students to memorise useful chunks

Think 4, Teachers Book, Hart B., Puchta H.

Books closed. As a lead-in, ask students: Have you ever been up a mountain? What was it like? What did you see there? Listen to some of their answers in open class.

Books open. If there is an interactive whiteboard (IWB) available in the classroom, this activity would best be done as a heads-up activity with the whole class. Display tlie photos on the IWB. Say a summit, and nominate a student to point to the photo on the board. The rest of the class agree or disagree with the answers. Alternatively, students do the matching activity in pairs before checking answers with the whole class. Say each of the four words for students to repeat and check pronunciation.

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