English in mind 4, Students book, Puchta H., Stranks J., Lewis-Jones P.

English in mind 4, Students book, Puchta H., Stranks J., Lewis-Jones P.

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I understand exactly how you feel - I left school at 16 to work in a supermarket. My parents thought it was a bad idea. They told me I should stay at school and get the best education possible. For a couple of years it was great. I had more money than my friends, could spend more time with my boyfriend and, of course, I didn’t have to go to school. Two years later they all finished school and went off to university, while I was still stuck at home living with my parents. For five years I wished I hadn’t left school so early. I wished I had done the same as my friends. Then one day I realised that it wasn’t too late. I enrolled at night school and three years later I proudly took myself off to university to start my journalism course. Since then I’ve never had a single regret about my professional life.

English in mind 4, Students book, Puchta H., Stranks J., Lewis-Jones P.

The Real Rain Man.
Laurence Kim Peek was born in Salt Lake City on 11 November 1951. It was clear from an early age that he was not like other children. A scan showed that the two halves of his brain were not connected in the usual way. As a result, Laurence developed the most amazing memory skills. From as early as two, he showed a fascination with books. He used to pick up books, read them and put them back on the shelf upside down to show that he had finished reading them. He remembered everything he had read.

He soon began to memorise huge amounts of information on subjects such as history, geography, sport, music and literature. He also had an incredible ability with numbers and dates.

He developed a special technique to help him read quickly. He read the left page with his left eye and the right page with his right eye. He could read at a speed of about ten seconds a page and, by reading two pages at the same time, it would take him less than an hour to read a whole book. By the age of 30 he had memorised the contents of around 12,000 books.

1 Sport with a difference.
2 People are people.
3 Time travellers.
4 In and out of fashion.
5 Do something!.
6 Our world.
7 Peacemakers.
8 Kindness matters.
9 Language.
10 Using fame to help.
11 Music is everywhere.
12 Nature’s best.
13 Natu ral health.
14 Movie magic.
Vocab ulary bank.
Get it Right!.
Speaking B.
Irregular verbs and phonetics.

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