Aim high 2, Workbook, Falla T., Davies P., 2010

Aim high 2, Workbook, Falla T., Davies P., 2010.

   Aim High is a six-level English language course. The development of Aim High was informed by research in schools - observing lessons and talking to teachers and students. The information we gathered has given us valuable insights into what students and teachers want from a coursebook, and these became the guiding principles for Aim High.

Aim high 2, Workbook, Falla T., Davies P., 2010

My favourite uniform!
A lot of school students say they don’t like wearing school uniforms. They want to wear their own clothes so that they can express their personalities. But if you ask the same students what they wear when they get home, they’ll probably all give you the same answer: jeans!

Most teenagers like wearing jeans because they are a symbol of freedom. When you are wearing jeans, you are saying that you don’t have to follow the dress codes of schools, offices and factories. However, although jeans have this image today, they were originally the uniform of the working man.

The first people to wear jeans were sailors in the Italian city of Genoa. That was in 1600! In fact, the name for these trousers comes from the French name for the city: Genes. Over two hundred years later in California, a man called Levi Strauss sold extra strong jeans to miners and they became the working trousers for American men.

1.The real you.
2.Winning and losing.
3.Town and country.
7.Cultures and customs.
9.Crime scene.

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