Target Vocabulary 2, Watcyn-Jones P., 1994

Target Vocabulary 2, Watcyn-Jones P., 1994.

   Target Vocabulary 2 is the second book in a new vocabulary series. It introduces and practises approximately 1,500 new words using a variety of motivating and interesting exercise types. These are organised into areas of vocabulary and include subjects such as people, and education, plus word-building. The book has six main sections with short tests at the end of the third and sixth sections. At the back of the book there are answers to the exercises and a list of key words.

Target Vocabulary 2, Watcyn-Jones P., 1994

The world of music: A pop group.
Read the following text and study the drawing on the next page. When you have finished, write the word printed in bold type in the text next to the correct numbers 1-16.
A pop group can have many forms, but a traditional one has a single lead singer, and sometimes a backing group. There is nearly always a drummer sitting behind his or her drum kit and two or three guitarists playing electric guitars. The person playing lead guitar is usually a very good guitarist and has all the solos. The person playing bass guitar, which is the biggest of the electric guitars, provides a strong, often pounding bass rhythm. Sometimes, especially for a slower, quieter ballad, one of them might play an acoustic guitar. The difference is that electric guitars always have to be plugged into an amplifier. The singer sings into a microphone and behind him or her are usually several enormous loudspeakers. Nowadays there is nearly always a keyboard player. He or she plays a range of synthesizers and possibly an electric piano. Finally, some groups have a saxophone player and might even have one or two dancers.

Section One: People.
Section Two: Towns, travel and transpo.
Section Three: Holidays and entertainment.
Check 1 (based on Sections 1-3).
Section Four: Education, books and the media.
Section Five: Word-building.
Section Six: Adjectives, verbs and prepositions.
Check 2 (based on Sections 4-6).
Key words.

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