Longman advanced grammar, reference and practice, Alexander L.G., 1993

Longman advanced grammar, reference and practice, Alexander L.G., 1993.

Who is this book for?

This book is for advanced students of English as a foreign or second language, working on their own or with a teacher. It begins at about the level of the Cambridge First Certificate, builds up to the level of the Cambridge Advanced English Examination and culminates at the level of the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency. The material can be used for short-term or long-term courses and is suitable for students of the appropriate standard, whether they are preparing for examinations or not. In any event, its use is not intended to span more than a two-year period.

Longman advanced grammar, reference and practice, Alexander L.G., 1993

3. Syntax.

What makes language difficult is not just words, but the way words are combined to make sentences: i.e. syntax. A sentence is a sum-total of words and this sum-total is greater than its parts. Among the features of syntax that cause difficulty are: participle constructions, relative clauses, apposition, adverbial clauses, complementation after verbs, adjectives and nouns. It is common knowledge that after years of study, non-native learners may still have difficulty in coping with publications like Time Magazine, The Times and The Economist and the quality' press, because they have never been trained to decode the (often relatively simple) structures that are combined syntactically into complex sentences. The key to comprehension at the advanced level is therefore the competent analysis of syntax. Analyzing and synthesizing train students to understand what difficult language is all about.


Conventions used in this book.
Study Section.
Reference Section.
Text references.
Grammar terms and concepts.
Structural Index.

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