Complete Advanced, Progress Tests, Brook-Hart G., Haines S., 2014

Complete Advanced, Progress Tests, Brook-Hart G., Haines S., 2014.

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I’d like to look more like Indiana Jones. Who wouldn’t? Looking into the mirror, I see a work in progress. I had plastic surgery a couple of years back and it’s made such a difference. I had a brilliant surgeon and I think he’s done a pretty good job; nothing looks unnatural like some of those horror stories you hear about. It just gives you this feeling of success, like you’re a winner. I am in my seventies now, but I reckon I look twenty years’ younger. I tried the gym once – hated it – and I don’t particularly watch what I eat. I prefer plain food: bread and cheese is perfect. In terms of dress sense, I alternate between informal or very dressed up. If I could choose one look, it would be thirties Hollywood movies, so classy, don’t you think? A lot of this is for other people’s benefit. It’s only polite to look your best on a dinner date.

Complete Advanced, Progress Tests, Brook-Hart G., Haines S., 2014

Correct any mistakes in the sentences. One sentence is correct.
0 It was impossible to get into work this morning as there were not buses running at all. no
1 I’ve got hardly no money left at the end of the week these days.
2 You know your problem? You don’t understand nothing about the way people think.
3 This is not exactly the way I imagined my career would turn out.
4 There’s no a great difference between the two candidates for the job.
5 Everybody did not come to the party – I forgot to send any invitations out.
6 I usually have not problems with my computer, but this is not one of those days
7 It’s no that I dislike my sister, it’s just that we aren’t especially close.
8 They waited for hours, but none taxis arrived. In the end, they had to walk.

Delete the incorrect collocation in each sentence.
0 People nowadays spend a valuable/huge/tremendous amount of time online.
1 Companies have to produce a wide/high/considerable range of goods to provide consumer choice.
2 Whether or not to change jobs is a decision of considerable/large/tremendous importance.
3 It’s hard to believe the amazing/endless/good variety of smart phone apps available these days.
4 Visiting the North of Canada in the winter was a great/tremendous/considerable experience.
5 The students in Jacek’s class have made good/satisfactory/large progress since he took it over.
6 Applicants for the job should have considerable/high/wide experience of teaching both adults and children.
7 A surprisingly high/heavy/large percentage of adults still struggle with basic mathematics.
8 Today’s great/heavy/terrible traffic on the motorway was typical of the holiday season.

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