Practical English Usage, Swan M., 2005

Practical English Usage, Swan M., 2005.

   Practical English Usage is a guide to problems of this kind. It deals with over 600 points which regularly cause difficulty to foreign students of English. It will be useful, for example, to a learner who is not sure how to use a particular structure, or who hqs made a mistake and wants to find out why it is wrong. It will also be helpful to a teacher who is looking for a clear explanation of a difficult language point. There is very full coverage of grammar, as well as explanations of a large number of common vocabulary problems. There are also some entries designed to clarify more general questions (e.g. formality, slang, the nature of standard English and dialects) which students and teachers may find themselves concerned with.

Practical English Usage, Swan M., 2005

above and over.
1 'higher than': above or over
Above and over can both mean ‘higher them’. Above is more common with this
The water came up abovelover our knees.
Can you see the helicopter abovelover the palace?

2 'not directly over': above
We use above when one thing is not directly over another.
We've got a little house above the lake, (not ... over the lake.).

3 'covering': over
We prefer over when one thing covers and/or touches another.
There is cloud over the South of England.
He put on a coat over his pyjamas.
We use over or across (see 9) when one thing crosses another.
The plane was flying overlacross Denmark.
Electricity cables stretch over/across the fields.

Contents Overview.
Language Terminology.
Don’t say it.
130 common mistakes.
Phonetic alphabet.
Practical English Usage.

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