Cutting Edge Phrase Builder, Advanced

Cutting Edge Phrase Builder, Advanced.

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Assert yourself to behave in a determined way so that people do not force you to do things you do not want to: I'm not surprised you haven't been promoted. You need to assert yourself a bit more.

Cutting Edge Phrase Builder, Advanced

Miscellaneous phrases.
give / get an insight into to give or get a clear understanding of something, especially something unfamiliar or complicated: Her new book gives you a real insight into the life and culture of the South American people.

have a lie-in BrE to stay in bed longer than usual in the morning: Sunday's the day when / like to have a lie-in.

hold-up a delay, where traffic stops or can only move very slowly: We should get there by 8, as long as there are no hold-ups.

holding pattern the line of travel that an aircraft follows as it flies over a landing place while it waits for permission to land: We'll be stuck in a holding pattern for a few more minutes.

(be) jet-lagged to be very tired and disorientated because you have been flying for a long time through different time zones: John is bound to be jet-lagged when he arrives from Australia.

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