Oxford Writing Tutor, 2010

Oxford Writing Tutor, 2010.

   Using the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary to improve your writing. Whether you are writing a business email or a long research essay, your dictionary can be a powerful tool to assist you in becoming a better writer in English.

Oxford Writing Tutor, 2010

Oral presentations.
You may have to give an oral presentation or talk as part of your academic course, for an examination or at work. In many ways, preparing a talk is similar to preparing an essay. The guidelines below apply to most types of talk.

First steps.
- Check the time allowed for your talk and any guidelines you have been given.
- Think about the purpose of your talk: is it to inform, to entertain or to persuade your audience?
- Think about the audience. Who are they? How much do they already know?
How much do you need to tell them? What will interest them?
- Decide on the topic if you do not know this already. If you do, decide on the specific area that you will present. Be realistic about how much you can cover in the time allowed.
- Collect your ideas and gather more information if you need to.

The writing process.
What makes writing formal?.
Answering the question.
Writing a comparison essay.
Writing an argument essay.
Writing a longer essay or dissertation.
Oral presentations.
Writing a summary.
Reporting on data.
Writing a report.
Writing a book or film/movie review.
Discussing pictures and cartoons.
Writing a formal letter.
Writing emails (business and academic).
Writing a CV/resume and covering letter.

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