English for Business Studies, Teacher’s Book, MacKenzie I., 2010

English for Business Studies, Teacher's Book, MacKenzie I., 2010.

   English for Business Studies is a course for upper-intermediate and advanced level students who need to understand and talk about the key concepts in business and economics.
The Third Edition of this best-selling business English course has been thoroughly revised to meet the needs of today’s students. Covering the most important areas of management, production, marketing, finance and macroeconomics, it helps students to understand and talk about a wide range of business topics.
Reflecting recent changes in the world’s business and economic environment, the course now covers subjects like wikinomics, viral marketing, hedge funds, the subprime crisis and energy policy.

English for Business Studies, Teacher's Book, MacKenzie I., 2010

Work and motivation.
As well as setting and communicating objectives, developing strategies and allocating resources, managers have to motivate the staff who report to them. These will often include people with interesting, responsible and fulfilling jobs, as well as others with less interesting and highly repetitive tasks. This unit contains discussion activities about the different factors that might motivate workers in both types of job, and about whether it can be argued that people in general like or dislike working. There are reading texts based on the work of two very well-known theorists of the psychology of work: Douglas McGregor, who put forward his Theories X and Y, and Frederick Herzberg, who distinguished between 'satisfiers', also referred to as ‘hygiene factors’, and 'motivators’. There is also (by popular demand, after its absence from the previous editions) a reference to Abraham Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’, with which business students tend to be very familiar. There are listening exercises based on interviews with four students from three different continents from the MBA programme at Cambridge University, talking about what factors can motivate different types of staff, based on their professional experience.

Map of the book.
List of role cards in the Student's Book.
1 Management.
2 Work and motivation.
3 Company structure.
4 Managing across cultures.
5 Recruitment.
6 Women in business.
7 The different sectors of the economy.
8 Production.
9 Logistics.
10 Quality.
11 Products.
12 Marketing.
13 Advertising.
14 Banking.
15 Venture capital.
16 Bonds.
17 Stocks and shares.
18 Derivatives.
19 Accounting and financial statements.
20 Market structure and competition.
21 Takeovers.
22 Government and taxation.
23 The business cycle.
24 Corporate social responsibility.
25 Efficiency and employment.
26 Exchange rates.
27 International trade.
28 Economics and ecology.
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