Solutions, Upper-intermediate, Workbook, Tim Falla, Paul A Davies, 2014

Solutions, Upper-intermediate, Workbook, Tim Falla, Paul A Davies, 2014.

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That night they were all out on the porch. The twilight was blurred and soft. Supper was almost ready and the smell of cabbage floated to them from the open hall. All of them were together except Hazel, who had not come from work, and Etta, who still lay sick in bed. Their Dad leaned back in his chair with his sock-feet on the banisters. Bill was on the steps with the kids. Their Mama sat on the swing fanning herself with the newspaper. Across the street a girl new in the neighborhood skated up and down the sidewalk on one roller skate. The lights on the block were just beginning to be turned on, and far away a man was calling someone.

Solutions, Upper-intermediate, Workbook, Tim Falla, Paul A Davies, 2014

Teenagers in Britain.
Read the article opposite. What is the best summary of the conclusions? Choose a, b or c.
a The government needs to provide more money so that teenagers are less bored and more involved in their communities.
b Most teenagers are valuable members of the community, but the government needs to focus on the small minority who become involved in crime.
c There are enough recreational facilities for young people, but more money needs to be spent on dealing with the consequences of teenage crime.

Match the gaps (1-6) in the text with six of the sentences (A-H) below. There are two sentences that you do not need.
A These experiences, near to their homes, have left young people fearful for their own safety.
В However, the government is going to invest £50 million.
C For example, youth-on-youth violence and anti-social behaviour among teenagers is rising.
D On average, we spend 17p for each young person per day on youth services - and this has to change.
E As a result, they hung around on the streets.
F It isn’t clear how we can move forward from here.
G Recommendations include a ‘youth hub’ in every community to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime.
H They said to give young people more of a stake in communities and give them more opportunities.

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