English grammar for students of Italian, Adorni S., Primorac K., 1995

English grammar for students of Italian, Adorni S., Primorac K., 1995.

   English Grammarfor Students of Italian explains the grammatical terms and concepts that you will encounter in your Italian textbook and relates them to English grammar. With straightforward explana- tions and numerous examples, this handbook compares English and Italian, indicating similarities and differences. Once you have under- stood the terms and concepts in your own language, it will be easier for you to understand your textbook.
Since English Grammarfor Students ofItalian can be keyed to any elementary textbook, many instructors will assign a specific section as preparation for the study of a given grammatical topic in your Italian textbook. If you use this manual as a self-study guide, you will need to consult the table of contents and index to locate the specific topic you are about to study. Read the relevant pages carefully, making sure that you understand the explanations and the examples. Do the Review provided at the end of each chapter and compare your answers with the Answer Key at the back of the book.

English grammar for students of Italian, Adorni S., Primorac K., 1995

A partitive indicates that only part of a whole (some bread, some water) or part of a group of things or people (some letters, some boys) is being referred to.

The idea of the partitive is normally expressed with some or any, although these words are often dropped.
He is buying (some) bread.
She drank (some) water.
I saw (some) boys on the street.
I don’t have (any) friends here.

Partitives have a singular and a plural form. They are normally expressed by the word di + the definite article which agrees with the gender and number of the noun.

To the Student.
1. What is a Noun?.
2. What is Meant by Gender?.
3. What is Meant by Number?.
4. What are Indefinite and Definite Articles?.
Indefinite Articles.
Definite Articles.
5. What is a Partitive?.
6. What is the Possessive?.
7. What is a Verb?.
8. What is an Infinitive?.
9. What are Auxiliary Verbs?.
10. What is a Subject?.
11. What is a Pronoun?.
12. What is a Subject Pronoun?.
13. What is Meant by Familiar and Formal “You”?.
14. What is a Verb Conjugation?.
15. What are Affirmative and Negative Sentences?.
16. What are Declarative and Interrogative Sentences?.
17. What is Meant by Mood?.
18. What is Meant by Tense?.
19. What is the Present Tense?.
20. What are Some Equivalents of “To be”?.
21. What are the Progressive Tenses?.
Present vs. Present Progressive Tense.
22. What is a Participle?.
Present Participle.
Past Participle.
23. What is a Past Tense?.
Present Perfect (“passato prossimo”).
Selection of the Auxiliary “Avere” or “Essere”.
Agreement of the Past Participle.
Imperfect (“imperfetto”).
Selecting the “Passato Prossimo” or the “Imperfetto”.
24. What is the Past Perfect?.
25. What is the Future Tense?.
Future of Probability.
26. What is the Future Perfect?.
27. What is the Imperative?.
28. What is the Subjunctive?.
29. What is the Conditional?.
Present Conditional.
Past Conditional.
30. What is a Reflexive Verb?.
31. What is Meant by Active and Passive Voice?.
Changing an Active Sentence to a Passive Sentence.
Avoiding the Passive Voice.
32. What is an Adjective?.
33. What is a Descriptive Adjective?.
Nouns Used as Adjectives.
34. What is Meant by Comparison of Adjectives?.
Absolute Superlative.
35. What is a Possessive Adjective?.
36. What is an Interrogative Adjective?.
37. What is a Demonstrative Adjective?.
38. What is an Adverb?.
Adverb or Adjective?.
Answer Key.

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