Вводно-коррективный курс, лексика, Кудрявцева И.П.

Вводно-коррективный курс, лексика, Кудрявцева И.П.


Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening.
More informal: Morning. Afternoon. Evening.
Hello. More informal: Hi or Hi there.
How are you? (You say this to a friend when you meet, also How are things?)
How are you? – Fine, thanks. How about you? – Pretty good.
How are things? – Fine, thanks. – Very well. – Not bad.
Informal: Bye (a short form of Goodbye) or Bye bye. Take care!
See you…
See you then = at the time we agreed.
See you later = the same day.
See you soon = another day, e.g. next week.
See you again = another time, but I’m not sure when.

TASK. Answer the questions and tell about you.

1) What time do you usually get up?
2) Do you get dressed before or after breakfast?
3) What time do you normally leave home in the morning?
4) What time do you get to university?
5) Who do you have dinner with?
6) What time do you usually go to bed?
7) What do you do at the weekend?

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