English grammar for students of russian, Cruise E.J., 1993

English grammar for students of russian, Cruise E.J., 1993.

   English Grammar for Students of Russian explains basic terminology and concepts of English grammar, focusing on material which will most benefit students of Russian. It is written for native speakers of English, but assumes no formal knowledge of English grammar; therefore it is written in very simple language.

English grammar for students of russian, Cruise E.J., 1993

What is Meant by Gender?
Gender is the grammatical classification of a word as masculine, feminine, or neuter. Gender plays a much less visible role in English than in Russian.

Grammatical gender is very often the same as natural gender, which is the classification of a noun according to the sex of the being which the noun defines.

In other words, gender in English normally reflects the noun’s biological sex: male beings are masculine, female beings are feminine. Objects and abstract ideas are neuter. When we use a noun we may not realize that it has gender. But when we replace the noun with he, she, or it, we choose one of these three words without hesitation because we automatically give a gender to the noun we are replacing.

1. What is a Noun?.
2. What is Meant by Gender?.
3. What is Meant by Number?.
4. What are Indefinite and Definite Articles?.
5. What is Meant by Case?.
6. What is a Subject?.
7. What is the Possessive?.
8. What are Objects?.
Direct Object.
Indirect Object.
Object of a Preposition.
9. What is a Predicate?.
10. What is a Pronoun?.
11. What is a Personal Pronoun?.
Personal Pronouns Used as Subjects.
Personal Pronouns Used as Objects.
12. What is a Possessive Pronoun?.
Possessives—1st and 2nd Person, Singular and Plural.
Possessives—3rd Person, Singular and Plural.
Reflexive Possessive: “One’s own”.
13. What is a Demonstrative Pronoun?.
14. What is an Interrogative Pronoun?.
15. What is an Adjective?.
16. What is a Descriptive Adjective?.
17. What is a Possessive Adjective?.
18. What is a Demonstrative Adjective?.
19. What is an Interrogative Adjective?.
20. What is a Verb?.
21. What is an Infinitive?.
22. What is a Verb Conjugation?.
23. What are Transitive and Intransitive Verbs?.
24. What is a Reflexive Verb?.
25. What is Meant by Tense?.
Imperfective Aspect.
Perfective Aspect.
26. What is the Present Tense?.
27. What is the Past Tense?.
28. What is the Future Tense?.
29. What is a Preposition?.
30. What is an Adverb?.
31. What is a Conjunction?.
Preposition or Subordinating Conjunction?.
32. What is a Relative Pronoun?.
33. What is a Reflexive Pronoun?.
34. What is an Intensive Pronoun?.
35. What are Indefinite and Negative Pronouns and Adverbs?.
Indefinite and Negative Pronouns.
Indefinite and Negative Adverbs.
Hidden Negatives.
36. What is Meant by Comparison of Adjectives?.
37. What is Meant by Active and Passive Voice?.
38. What is Meant by Mood?.
39. What is the Imperative?.
40. What are the Subjunctive and Conditional?.
Conditional Mood.
Conjunction “чтббы” + Verb.
41. What is a Participle?.
The Verbal Adjective.
Verbal Adverbs Used in a Participial Phrase.
42. What is a Gerund?.
43. What is Direct and Indirect Speech?.
44. What are Sentences, Phrases and Clauses?.
What is a Sentence?.
What is a Phrase?.
What is a Clause?.
Answer Key.

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