University Studies, Учеба в университете, Богданова Л.П., Шикарева Е.Е., 2005

University Studies, Учеба в университете, Богданова Л.П., Шикарева Е.Е., 2005.

   Пособие предназначено для студентов, обучающихся по специальности «Английский язык. Немецкий язык», и направлено на формирование языковых навыков и речевых умений по теме «University Studies».

University Studies, Учеба в университете, Богданова Л.П., Шикарева Е.Е., 2005

Higher Education in Great Britain.
Education at all levels is available to those who have left school. It may be full-time or part-time, vocational or non-vocational. There are 46 universities, 30 polytechnics in England and Wales, 14 Scottish central institutions and some 800 other colleges maintained by or assisted from public funds. There are specialist colleges such as Agricultural Colleges, Colleges of Art and Music and also a large number of local colleges of further education, technical colleges and colleges of commerce, all of which offer a wide choice of subjects.

About a third of young people receive some form of post-school education and some 8 per cent of 18-year-olds enter courses of higher education. Over 85,000 overseas students study at British universities or further education colleges, and in addition about 42, 000 train in nursing, law, banking and accountancy, or in industry or services.

England had no other universities, apart from Oxford and Cambridge, until the 19lh century. Scotland, however, had four, all of them were founded before 1600. Now in England there arc universities in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Reading, and Nottingham and other towns. In addition to the universities, there are University Colleges. There are also the University of Wales, four universities in Scotland and the universities in Northern Ireland. A university consists of a number of faculties: divinity, medicine, arts, law, music, natural sciences, economics, engineering, agriculture, commerce and education. Each of the universities has a non-Academic Chancellor, who acts as a figurehead, and is unpaid. The effective head is the Vice-Chancellor, who is a professional academic. The teaching is organized in departments, such as History, French,

SECTION I. Education in Great Britain and the USA.
SECTION II. College Life.
SECTION III. Our Studies.
SECTION IV. Learning a Language.
SECTION V. Taking exams Bibliography.

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