Англійская мова, 4 клас, Частка 2, Лапіцкая Л.М., 2019

Англійская мова, 4 клас, Частка 2, Лапіцкая Л.М., 2019.

Фрагмент из книги:
Read about the pets. What are their names?
1. My pet is brown and white. He’s got long ears and big brown eyes. He’s got a black nose. He’s got a funny tail. I walk my pet in the evening. We usually go to the park.
2. My pet is white. She’s got long hair and a short tail. She’s got black eyes and a black nose. She’s beautiful and friendly. She eats meat and bones. I feed and brush my pet every day.

Англійская мова, 4 клас, Частка 2, Лапіцкая Л.М., 2019

Pets and their owners.
Listen, read and answer the question: Why is Lucky the pet of the family?
I’ve got a friend, Lucky. He’s friendly and clever. He’s usually very nice, but he can be naughty. I think he’s beautiful. He’s got short brown hair, a black nose, brown eyes, little ears and a funny tail.

In the morning he usually says: “Woof-woof! Get up! It’s time to go to school.” He wants to play in the garden, but we have breakfast first. He likes dog food very much.

In the afternoon I come home from school and Lucky is very happy. He jumps and wags his tail. I give Lucky a bone and some water. Then we play ball together.

UNIT 5. Pet of the family (lessons 6–10).
UNIT 6. My house and flat.
UNIT 7. Clothes.
UNIT 8. School subjects.
UNIT 9. Family holidays: my birthday.

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