Учебник английского языка, 7 класс, Богородицкая В.Н., Хрусталева Л.В., 1992

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Учебник английского языка, 7 класс, Богородицкая В.Н., Хрусталева Л.В., 1992.

Фрагмент из книги:
Discuss these questions:
1. Why do you think some people are easier to get along with than others?
2. W'ith so many pupils in class, do you think it is important to learn how to get along together? Why do you think so?
3. How do school (out-of-school) activities help you to get along together?

Учебник английского языка, 7 класс, Богородицкая В.Н., Хрусталева Л.В., 1992

Foreign Language Poetry Contest.
Many poems were recited at the Foreign Language Poetry Contest held at the school library.

The participants were eager to demonstrate their foreign language skills. They were to show how well they memorized, pronounced and how well they could express the idea of the poem and their own feelings.

Before they began to recite, the pupils were exchanging “good luck” wishes, talking about everything to forget their nervousness,1 and of course, practising their poems.

Some of the pupils were really nervous. “Right now. I’m very nervous, but I know when I go up there that I’ll do my best,” explained Liz Mathews.

UNIT I. Get Acquainted with Others.
Text: Four New Children.
UNIT 2. Leisure Time.
Text: The Open Road.
UNIT 3. What Have You Been Doing?.
Texts: Jokes and Funny Stories.
UNIT 4. So Many Countries, So Many Customs.
Text: English-Speaking Countries.
UNIT 5. What Has Been Done?.
Texts: Jokes and Funny Stories.
UNIT 6. What We Do Willingly Is Easy to Do.
Text: Uncle Podger Puis Up a Picture.
UNIT 7. Look with Eyes That See, Listen with Ears That Hear.
Text: Wild Geese.
UNIT 8. Be Noble in Every Thought and in Every Deed!.
Text: Robin Hood.
UNIT 9. Nature Study.
Text: How I Learned.
UNIT 10. Like a Song That's Made to Sing Friendship Is a Doing Thing.
Text: Alt Summer in a Day.
English Revised.
Reviewing Topics.
Irregular Verbs.

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