Английский язык, 5 класс, Шавернева Л.И., Богородицкая В.Н., Хрусталева Л.В., 1990

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Английский язык, 5 класс, Шавернева Л.И., Богородицкая В.Н., Хрусталева Л.В., 1990.

Фрагмент из книги:
The garden is very nice, isn’t it? — Yes, it is.
It isn’t very cold today, is it? — No, it isn’t.
The day was fine, wasn’t it? — Yes, it was.
The weather wasn’t warm, was it? — No, it wasn’t. You like games, don’t you? — Yes, I do.
You don’t like to swim, do you? — No, I don’t.

Английский язык, 5 класс, Шавернева Л.И., Богородицкая В.Н., Хрусталева Л.В., 1990

What can you say about it? Add one more sentence to explain what you think.
Example: We went to the park in the afternoon. That was fun!
1) We went to the woods on Sunday.
2) I played football and badminton every day.
3) The children spent a lot of time near the lake.
4) My friend told me a lot of interesting stories.
5) My brother and I went fishing early in the morning

Read the dialogue, then make up your own dialogue. (No 3)
“Where were you in summer, Nick?”
“At the seaside.”
“Did you like the sea?”
“Of course, I did. The weather was fine and it was nice to swim in the sea.”

Unit 1 A Good Time for Everyone.
Text: Summer Is Wonderful.
Unit 2 All Around You.
Text: Keep Your Eyes Open.
Unit 3 Fables Teach Us Good Lessons.
Texts: The Traveller Who Boasted.
The Lion and the Hare.
Unit 4 The World of Imagination.
Text: Under the Carpet.
Unit 5 Red Square Is Dear to the Soviet People.
Text: Red Square.
Unit 6 We Are Fond of Reading. We Have a Lot of Interesting Collections.
Text: Two Sons.
Unit 7 We Love Nature. We Take Care of Nature.
Text: Buried Treasure.
Unit 8 Be Polite! Don’t Be Naughty!.
Text: Bad Tuesday.
Unit 9 Travelling.
Text: Round the World.
Unit 10 Happy New Year!.
Text: At the New Year Party.
Unit 11 Pets.
Text: Reynard.
Unit 12 Self Done Is Well Done.
Text: The Brownie.
Unit 13 How to Make Mother Happy.
Text: Bambi.
Unit 14 Schoolmates.
Text: Tom Takes Becky’s Punishment.
Unit 15 Books Are Our Friends and Teachers.
Text: The Children Take a Book at the Library.
Unit 16 Live and Study as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Taught.
Text: A Summer Day.
Unit 17 We Celebrate Great Holidays in May.
Text: Victory Day.
Unit 18 Summer Is Coming.
Grammar Review.
Irregular Verbs.

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