150 everyday uses of prepositions in english, Hutch T., 2015

150 everyday uses of prepositions in english, Hutch T., 2015.

   Most books only focus on the basic use of prepositions (at 5:00, on a bus, etc,). This book is for students from elementary to intermediate English who want to take their English to the next level. In this book they will learn 150 everyday uses of prepositions. This book will help them speak more fluently because: Having a good understanding of prepositions will help them get a higher marks in the TOEFL and other tests.

150 everyday uses of prepositions in english, Hutch T., 2015

Проблема с работой.
Do you love your job? If you do, you’re lucky. I used to hate my job. And I mean really hate it. Everyone always says that the key to having a happy career is to ‘do what you love’. The only problem was that I had no idea what I loved. I used to work in sales, but I was never really very good at it, so I never made much money. Even though I had a lot of knowledge about the products I just lacked interest in trying to sell them. I should have been focusing on the selling but I was more interested in learning about the other person.

Then one Sunday I watched an interview with an entrepreneur and I was really inspired by what he said. He basically said that of 100 people, only 10 of them would be happy in their work. That means that the other 90% would be bored by their jobs. This really got me thinking ‘how was I going to change my life? What kind of job would I enjoy?’.

Why are prepositions important?.
The problem with work Business.
Ideas are Worthless Lost.
The Internet The Cost of Living.
How To Be Lazy Management.
Styles Past Crimes Film Review.
Welcome to the Jungle?.
How did I get here?.
Smell the Roses Conclusion.

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