Book of idioms, American language course, 2003

Book of idioms, American language course, 2003.

   The Book of Idioms is designed to assist in the acquisition of current American English idiomatic expressions.
This book was written with English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) students in mind. Students enrolled in the American Language Course (ALC) will benefit from these expressions in their follow-on-training (FOT) courses, as this book includes general military expressions as well as everyday expressions.

Book of idioms, American language course, 2003

an about face - [to make/do an about face] to reverse a decision: Our commander did an about face from her earlier position and sent Maj Jones instead of Maj Smith.

about right - something that is basically correct: 4 This report is about right, so I’ll approve it.

about to - prepared or ready to do something:
We were about to leave when the phone rang.

above - [above allj especially or mainly: Sally enjoys exercising, but above all she enjoys tennis.

abreast of the situation - knowing what is happening; staying informed: We need to keep the managers abreast of the situation.

absent-minded - forgetful: Jack is absent-minded and always forgets to bring his books.

accident - [by accident] unexpectedly: We met my old boss by accident at the movies last night.

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