Practice communication skills in English, Religion. Culture and Law, Коротких Ж.А., 2018

Practice communication skills in English, Religion. Culture and Law, Коротких Ж.А., 2018.

   Целью пособия является формирование коммуникативной, социально-культурной и межкультурной компетенций студентов, находящихся на продвинутом этапе изучения английского языка. Основными видами работы на занятиях по культуре речевого общения на данном этапе обучения являются дискуссии, обсуждения и презентации. Поэтому при отборе текстов, аудио- и видеофрагментов авторы стремились предоставить студентам интересный фактический материал, расширяющий их кругозор, развивающий способности критически мыслить и, в то же время, способствующий расширению словарного запаса. В разделы включены сведения по странам всех континентов, что позволяет в процессе дискуссии опираться на культурологические и исторические факты и сопоставлять особенности развития различных культур и обществ. Пособие содержит два раздела: «Культура и религия» и «Культура и правопорядок».
Учебное пособие предназначено для студентов старших курсов институтов и факультетов иностранных языков.

Practice communication skills in English, Religion. Culture and Law, Коротких Ж.А., 2018

The Pre-historic Religions.
Religion is one of the oldest spiritual phenomena pertained to the humankind. Thousands of years ago, when people lived in small communities and didn't have literacy, they already had their own forms of religions which united them to withstand the hazards of a harsh environment and to rebuff foreign incursions. The religions were a bulwark in understanding people’s place in the universe.

Before 3000 BC religions in non-literate tribes were mainly animistic. The excavations of ancient graves and cave paintings strongly suggest that those people had religious beliefs. Later in tune, when the tribal community became more shaped and was characterized by agriculture and settlements, the image of divinity emerged, and it was feminine: Mother Earth by a variety of names.

Animistic gods often are immortalized by mythology explaining the creation of fire, wind, water, man. animals, and other natural earthly things. Although specific beliefs of animism vary widely, similarities between the characteristics of gods and goddesses and rituals practiced by animistic societies exist. The presence of holy men or women, visions, trance, dancing, sacred items, and sacred spaces for worship, and the connection felt to the spirits of ancestors are characteristic of animistic societies.

Part 1. Culture and Religion.
Vocabulary Exercises.
Text One. The Pre-historic Religions.
Text Two. What is a “Pagan”?.
Text Three. Polytheism That Survived.
Vocabulary Exercises.
Text One. Monotheistic Religions.
Text Two. Judaism.
Text Three. Christianity. The Origin of Christianity.
Text Four. Catholic and Orthodox Churches.
Text Five. The Russian Orthodox Church and Its History.
Text Six. Protestantism.
Text Seven. Islam.
Text Eight. Atheistic Religions.
Revision exercises.
Text One. Atheism and Agnosticism.
Text Two. Cults and Sects. Manipulation of Mind.
Text Three. Religious Intolerance. Anti-Semitism.
Text Four. Islamophobia.
Essay Prompts.
Part 2. Culture and Law.
Section 1. CRIME.
Vocabulary Exercises.
Text One. Criminal Statistics.
Text Two. Muggers Of Tokyo Had Better Watch Their Step: The Kimono Cops Are About.
Text Three. Gun Control.
Text Four. Couple Face Prison After Drunken Dinner Guest Killed Four In Crash.
Text Five. To Save Lives, It’s Not Enough To Go After Heavy Drinkers.
Text Six. Child Abuse.
Text Seven. Juvenile Delinquency.
Text Eight. Suicide.
Text Nine. Euthanasia.
Text Ten. Organized Crime.
Individual project: Presentation.
Section 2. PUNISHMENT.
Vocabulary Exercises.
Text One. Social Morality, Rules and Laws.
Text Two. Imposition of Penalties. Civil and Criminal Penalties.
Text Three. Imprisonment.
Text Four. Death Penalty.
Text Five. Crime Victims Fight Back.
Text Six. Role of Police Force.
Revision exercises.
Essay Prompts.
Selected Bibliography.
Appendix 1.
Appendix 2.

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