Kyrgyz Language Manual, Abylkasymova M., 1997

Kyrgyz Language Manual, Abylkasymova M., 1997.

  This language manual was designed to meet the specific needs of Peace Corps Volunteers learning Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan. The manual is based entirely on the norms of contemporary conversational Kyrgyz and upon the principles of the communicative competence approach to learning a language. The advantages of learning first the conversational language cannot be underestimated. Language learners who have mastered the elements of conversational language, including pronunciation and intonation, can easily learn the additional elements necessary for understanding the written language.
This manual contains the brief introduction to the Kyrgyz language stressing those points at which the Kyrgyz system differs from the English system. It also contains phonetic section, which introduces the sound system of the Kyrgyz language. Each of the lessons contains a number of meaningful phrases which can be used immediately in everyday communication.

Kyrgyz Language Manual, Abylkasymova M., 1997

Very little is known about the earliest history of the Kyrgyz. In an inscription, written on a funeral stone in 732 AD, the Kyrgyz people are mentioned as having become the subjects of another Turkic people, the nomadic Kok Turks. At that time the Kyrgyz lived north of the Kok Turks, in the region of the upper Yenisey river. They were hunters and to a certain extent cattle breeders. By 845 AD the Kyrgyz established themselves in the realm of their former masters who had been overthrown in 742 AD by the Uygurs, another nomadic Turkic tribe. The Kok Turks and Uygurs who had ruled their domains from the Olukan mountain region, located between the rivers Orkhon and Selenga in present-day Northwestern Mongolia, maintained throughout their history a war and trade relationship with China. This relationship was not continued by the Kyrgyz, who are rarely mentioned in Chinese records. It seems that they kept themselves away from Chinese interference and influence.

In 940 AD the Kyrgyz were driven out of Northern Mongolia b у the Kitay, a Mongolian people, and returned to the Yenisey region which they appeared to have kept under their control. The next major event in the history of the Kyrgyz is their expulsion from the Yenisey into the Altay mountains by the Mongols of Chinghiz Khan in the 13th century. Only in the 16th century did the Kyrgyz arrive in their present habitat, the mountain territory of Kyrgyzstan. Around 1750 the Kalmuks, another Mongol tribe who lived east of the Kyrgyz in present-day northwestern parts of Xijiang, brought indescribable devastation to the region during a series of wars with the Kyrgyz. Between 1860-1870 the Kyrgyz were conquered by the Russians.

The Kyrgyz People.
A Brief Introduction to Kyrgyz.
Introductory Phonetic Course.
Topic 1. Greetings.
Topic 2. Family.
Topic 3. Food.
Topic 4. Apartment.
Topic 5. Transportation.
Topic 6. Buying Items in the Kiosk.
Topic 7. Buying Items in the Bazaar.
Topic 8. In a Grocery Store.
Topic 9. In a Department Store.
Topic 10. Post Office.
Topic 11. Appearance.
Topic 12. Health.
Topic 13. Weather.
Topic 14. Daily Routine.
Topic 15. At Work.
Reference Grammar.

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