Страноведение Великобритании в процессе коммуникации, Беляева Е.С., 2012

Страноведение Великобритании в процессе коммуникации, Беляева Е.С., 2012.

   Учебно-методическое пособие предназначено для студентов факультета истории и международных отношений, обучающихся по направлению подготовки 050100.62 «Педагогическое образование» (квалификация (степень) «бакалавр»), а также для всех желающих пополнить свои знания по курсу «Страноведение». Рекомендуется использовать в качестве лингвострановедческого практикума для самостоятельной работы студентов в процессе изучения дисциплины «Страноведение». Требуемый уровень владения языком для работы с данным пособием - не ниже среднего (Intermediate).

Страноведение Великобритании в процессе коммуникации, Беляева Е.С., 2012

The Four Notions of Great Britain.
As you know, every nation has a reputation of some kind. For example, it has been generally recognized that the Russian people are generous, open-hearted, kind; the Spaniards are said to be noble and very proud; the French are supposed to be amorous, gay and light-minded. We say that the Germans are very efficient but rather dull: the Americans - boastful, energetic, technical-minded and easy-going.

Now, what about the English? What is a typical Englishman like? Many people, especially those who never lived in England, picture the Englishman so: a tall, slim, fair-haired gentleman, with regular aristocratic features and a look of superiority in Ins blue eyes; conscious of his historic mission “to rule the world”; contemptuous of all other, non-English, nations; formal, cold, haughty, very reserved even in his relations with his fellow Englishmen; living in reasonable luxury in his suburban country house which is supposed to be Ins “castle” and going on short round-the-world trips in a private yacht just to prove that Britain still remains the country of great sailors; very conservative in his political and social views; well-bred, polite, quiet, taciturn, reticent in speech; fond of sports and animals; and at last, possessing a great sense of humour, a special “English type” humour, even slapstick humour, often difficult to understand for foreigners.

Introductory texts.
The British Isles - Some Aspects of History and Modernity.
1. Geographical Features as a Mirror of British Attitudes.
2. The British Monarchy: Elizabeth I and the ”Golden Age of the British Empire”.
3. The British Parliament and Loyalty to Traditions.
4. The Tower of London. The Harmony of Antiquity and Modem Tunes.
5. The British Character.
Additional Texts to Read Translate and Discuss.
1. Languages in Great Britain.
2. Religion in Great Britain.
3. London Today.
4. The British System of Education.
5. The Written Word in Great Britain.
6. The Traditional and Modern British Cuisine.

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