ENGLISH, Living language, Live communication, Educational and methodical manual, Part 2, Лухина E.B., 2020

ENGLISH, Living language, Live communication, Educational and methodical manual, Part 2, Лухина E.B., 2020.

   Предлагаемое учебно-методическое пособие может быть полезным для учителей английского языка и студентов факультета иностранных языков. Оно содержит аутентичные тексты из произведений английских авторов и статьи из современной английской прессы, которые позволят расширить словарный запас, включиться в общение по актуальным проблемам, подготовить методические разработки уроков, обсудить некоторые вопросы страноведческого и краеведческого характера на английском языке, и в целом, расширить кругозор.

ENGLISH, Living language, Live communication, Educational and methodical manual, Part 2, Лухина E.B., 2020

New climate theories.
Climate change is now an indisputable phenomenon. Scientists have identified two distinct and worrying developments. While global wanning. which has been predicted for some time, is clearly taking place, there is also glowing evidence of global dimming - a reduction of sunlight.

According to BBC Online, the term global dimming was created by Gerry Stanhill, an English scientist who lives in Israel. Stanhill found that sunlight had reduced by 22% in Israel over the past few years. He also noted similar changes in the United States (with sunlight down 10%), in parts of the former Soviet Union (with a reduction of 30%), and in parts of the British Isles (with a loss of 16%) the cause appears to be air pollution.

“Climate change impacts humans and animals.
Air pollution caused by fossil fuel emissions, will also probably cause a further rise of 0.6 degrees Celsius of global wanning, according to professor Stephen Schneider, a leading climatologist from Stanford University in California. He points out that in the past century there has already been a 0.7 degree temperature increase.

1.1. Revision of the topical vocabulary.
1.2. Idioms about Weather.  
1.3. Let’s talk about the weather.
1.4. Video «Climate zones of the Earth».
1.5. Funsheet «Weather».
1.6. Picture based discussion «Weather».
1.7. Listening to weather forecast.  
1.8. Translation «Weather in Britain».
1.9. Crossword «Weather».
1.10. Conversations about Weather.
1.11. Music Pause «Kiss the rain».
2.1. Pictionary of nature wonders.
2.2. Pictionary of nature wonders.
2.3. Natural disasters.
2.4. Video «Human impact on our planet».
2.5. Ecological problems.
2.6. Eco-cities. Discussion.
2.7. Quiz «How green are you?».
2.8. New climate theories.  
2.9. Video «What is a calorie?».  
2.10. Nature wonders.
2.11. Music Pause «Lemon Tree».
3.1. Hobbies and free time activities.
3.2. What do YOU like doingin your free time?.
3.3. Video «People’s hobbies».
3.4. Crazy free time activities.  
3.5. Leisure Centre Information Brochure.  
3.6. Hobbies of Celebrities.
3.7. Video «A fun day in Disneyland».
3.8. Leisure conversation.
3.9. Hobbies and interests.
3.10. Benefits of having a hobby.
3.11. Music Pause«Shine bright like a Diamond».
4.1. Travelling Pictionary.
4.2. Travelling vocabulary.
4.3. Funsheet “Travelling”.
4.4. Holiday Types.
4.5. London Tour.  
4.6. Video «This is what I call adventure».
4.7. Holiday recommendations.  
4.8. Advice on how to travel right.  
4.9. How to travel cheap.
4.10. Transport and travelling.
4.11. Why I love travelling.
4.12. Travelling expressions.
4.13. Travelling around the world.
4.14. Music pause«I don’t wanna miss a thing».
5.1. Picture based discussion «Holidays».
5.2. History of Easter symbols.
5.3. Weird and wonderful Easter facts.
5.4. July the 4th Happy birthday, America!.
5.5. History of Thanksgiving.
5.6. Thanksgiving symbols.
5.7. St. Valentine’s Day. Pictionary.
5.8. St. Valentine’s Day. History.
5.9. Video “How people celebrate Valentine’s Day”.
5.10. St. Patrick’s Day. Reading.  
5.11. St. Patrick’s Day. Crossword.
5.12. Christmas traditions.  
5.13. Video «How to have British Christmas».
5.14. Writing New Year’s Resolutions.
5.15. Music pause «Happy New Year».
6.1. The game «Guess who».
6.2. Famous people. Reading 1.  
6.3. Famous people. Reading 2.  
6.4. Video «Leonardo di Caprio’s speech».
6.5. Native Americans. First nations.
6.6. Princess Diana’s biography.
6.7. What makes people succesful.  
6.8. Video «Unusual American lifestyles».
6.9. Celebrities and their free time.
6.10. Famous Ladies.
6.11. Famous Gentlemen.
7.1. Professions. Word building.
7.2. Jobs and professions.
7.3. What do they do?.
7.4. Professions and jobs.
7.5. Jobs. Duties and skills.
7.6. Steve Jobs. Reading.
7.7. The profession of a teacher.
7.8. Let’s talk about teaching English.  
7.9. English as a global language.
7.10. Reading «Saving Lives».
7.11. Work and job expressions.
7.12. The world of jobs.
7.13. Women at work.
7.14. Music pause«She’s not just a pretty face».

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