Anglish grammar practice book, Krylova I.P.

Anglish grammar practice book, Krylova I.P.

Фрагмент из книги:
1. He had to satisfy the editor's requirements that a short story (not to exceed) one hundred lines. 2. The arrangement was that they (to take) the Fishers to a play and to supper at the Savoy afterwards. 3. I got the impression that his family (to be) rather indifferent to him. 4. My desire was that he (to leave) off his work and go on a holiday. 5. She accepted Dick’s suggestion that she (to dismiss) her taxi and ride back with him. 6. He conceived the idea that by copying any printed matter he (to improve) his spelling. 7. His only request was that he (to allow) to visit his son. 8. She was filled with a great desire that her husband (to see) her new dress. 9. He handed me over to his secretary with the instruction that I (to give) a room for the night.

Anglish grammar practice book, Krylova I.P.

Explain the use of the verb forms in the following clauses of purpose:
1. "I like to be close to the stage,” said Sandy, "so that I can see the actors’ faces.” 2, He asked Teddy to stop the car so that he and Julie could get out. 3. Once or twice he gave Tom considerable sums in order that he might make a fresh start. 4. She usually bore her head high so that men should not see her double chin. 5. I shall send a scout to reconnoitre so that we can find out what the enemy soldiers are doing. 6. George stood up lest anyone should see him lying there in his evening clothes. 7. She knew that Billy preferred to go and stand at the gate so that he could be the first to board the plane. 8. Mother is sending the children to have their refreshments first, so that we ll have the table to ourselves. 9. The woman, seeing the girl, moved to the other side of her son so that not even a glance should pass between them.

Translate the following into English using the appropriate verb forms in clauses of purpose:
1. Я сообщаю тебе обо всех этих вещах, чтобы мы могли понять друг друга. 2. Он велел нам сесть на заднее сиденье машины, чтобы мы могли поговорить. 3. Он притворился, что разговаривает с кем-то, чтобы слуга не подумал, что он один в комнате. 4. Девочка не закрывала окно ни днем, ни ночью, чтобы кошка могла приходить к ней в комнату, когда той вздумается. 5. Мы пошли погулять, чтобы я мог увидеть лес до того, как стемнеет. 6. Она снизила голос, чтобы ее мать не услышала нас. 7. Грейс предприняла необходимые меры, чтобы они могли пожениться сразу же. 8. Он отошел в сторону от театральной кассы, чтобы я мог поговорить с кассиром. 9. Позвони мне, когда ты будешь выезжать, чтобы я знал, когда ждать тебя. 10. Она дала мне ключ, чтобы я мог открыть дверь.

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