Пособие по корреспонденции, английский язык, Басс Э.М., 1965

Пособие по корреспонденции, Английский язык, Басс Э.М., 1965.

   Letter-writing is an essential part of communication, an intimate part of experience. Each letter-writer has a characteristic way of writing, his style of writing, his manner of expressing his thoughts, ideas, etc. but it must be emphasized that the routine of official or semi-official business letters require certain accepted idiom, phrases, patterns and grammar which are found in general use today. Certain skills, therefore, must be acquired by practice, and details of writing must be carefully and thoroughly learnt.
The purpose of this Manual is to convey to the letter-writer these skills through the specimens of letters presented herein. The language of official and semi-official business letters is formal, courteous, tactful, concise, expressive, and to the point. Modern English letters should not be exaggerated, over-burdened, outmoted with time-worm expressions. Modern letters tend towards using the language of speech, i. e. conversational style, carefully avoiding the usage of the last century jargon. However the full and complete transition is still taking place.

Пособие по корреспонденции, Английский язык, Басс Э.М., 1965

The inside address (recipient’s address) includes the name, title and full address of the person or group of persons to whom the letter is directed. The inside address is typed on the left-hand margin, two spaces below the date, or in the lower left-hand part of the letter sheet two or three spaces below the signature.

The inside address may be written in step or block style. In American letters all lines start at the same margin. At any rate it must be remembered that if the sender’s address is typed indented, the inside address should also be indented; if the sender’s address is typed in block style, the inside address should be in the same style.

Section one.
Make-up of the letter.
The envelope.
Section two.
Informing about sending printed matter.
Acknowledging receipt of letters or printed matter.
About dates in the body of the letter.
Section three.
Gratitude, thanks and appreciation.
Courtesy and kindness.
Section four.
Attention and consideration.
Section five.
Regret, apology and refusal.
Section six.
Information and interest.
Help and advice.
Section seven.
Reprints, abstracts, publications.
Section eight.
Arrangement of congresses, conferences, symposia, etc.
Invitations to congresses, conferences, etc.
Letters concerning visits. Letters of hospitality.
Letters concerning appointments. Letters of introduction Exercises.
Section nine.
Greetings and wishes.
Russian-English vocabulary.

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