Solutions to Irodov's I.E. problems in general physics, Second Edition, Volume 1, Singh Abhay Kumar, 1998

Solutions to I.E. Irodov's problems in general physics, Second Edition, Volume 1, Singh Abhay Kumar, 1998.

   Science, in general, and physics, in particular, have evolved out of man’s quest to know beyond unknowns. Matter, radiation and their mutual interactions are basically studied in physics. Essentially, this is an experimental science. By observing appropriate phenomena in nature one arrives at a set of rules which goes to establish some basic fundamental concepts. Entire physics rests on them. Mere knowledge of them is however not enough. Ability to apply them to real day-to-day problems is required. Prof. Irodov’s book contains one such set of numerical exercises spread over a wide spectrum of physical disciplines. Some of the problems of the book long appeared to be notorious to pose serious challenges to students as well as to their teachers. This book by Prof. Singh on the solutions of problems of Irodov’s book, at the outset, seems to remove the sense of awe which at one time prevailed. Traditionally a difficult exercise to solve continues to draw the attention of concerned persons over a sufficiently long time. Once a logical solution for it becomes available, the difficulties associated with its solutions are forgotten very soon. This statement is not only valid for the solutions of simple physical problems but also to various physical phenomena.

Solutions to I.E. Irodov's problems in general physics, Second Edition, Volume 1, Singh Abhay Kumar, 1998

Let v0 be the stream velocity and v' the velocity of motorboat with respect to water. The motorboat reached point В while going downstream with velocity (v0 + v') and then returned with velocity (v' - and passed the raft at point C. Let t be the time for the raft (which flows with stream with velocity to move from point A to C, during which the motorboat moves from A to В and then from В to C.

As the metal disc rotates, any free electron also rotates with it with same angular velocity to, and that’s why an electron must have an acceleration w2r directed towards the disc’s centre, where t is separation of the electron from the centre of the disc. We know from Newton’s second law that if a particle has some acceleration then there must be a net effecetive force on it in the direction of acceleration. We also know that a charged particle can be influenced by two fields electric and magnetic. In our problem magnetic field is absent hence we reach at the conslusion that there is an electric field near any electron and is directed opposite to the acceleration of the electron.

Preface to the second edition Preface to the first edition.
1.1 Kinematics.
1.2 The Fundamental Equation of Dynamics.
1.3 Laws of Conservation of Energy, Momemtum, and Angular Momentum.
1.4 Universal Gravitation.
1.5 Dynamics of a Solid Body.
1.6 Elastic Deformations of a Solid Body.
1.7 Hydrodynamics.
1.8 Relativistic Mechanics.
2.1 Equation of the Gas State. Processes.
2.2 The first Law of Thermodynamics. Heat Capacity.
2.3 Kinetic theory of Gases. Boltzmann’s Law and Maxwell’s Distribution.
2.4 The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Entropy.
2.5 Liquids. Capillary Effects.
2.6 Phase Transformations.
2.7 Transport Phenomena.
3.1 Constant Electric Field in Vacuum.
3.2 Conductors and Dielectrics in an Electric Field.
3.3 Electric Capacitance. Energy of an Electric Field.
3.4 Electric Current.
3.5 Constant Magnetic Field. Magnetics.
3.6 Electromagnetic Induction. Maxwell’s Equations.
3.7 Motion of Charged Particles in Electric and Magnetic Fields.

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