Teen2teen, two, teacher’s edition 2, 2015

Teen2teen, two, teacher's edition 2, 2015.

Topic Snapshot.

All units contain a Topic Snapshot, in which students read and listen to an illustrated natural conversation. Topic Snapshots introduce the topic of the unit and include one or more examples of target vocabulary, grammar, and social language. Pictures aid comprehension of any new language that appears in the conversation. Topic Snapshots also familiarize students with the language of the unit, and whet their appetites for the teen-relevant topic. It is not a model of productive language so there is no direction for students to repeat it. The audio recording of the Topic Snapshot promotes comprehension of real spoken English by providing a listening model of natural rhythm and intonation.

Teen2teen, two, teacher's edition 2, 2015


Each unit's vocabulary contains key words and phrases for the unit's topic. Teen2Teeris approach is to teach vocabulary explicitly: each new word or phrase is illustrated and captioned to ensure students recognize meaning, and the pronunciation is modeled on the audio. This approach is especially effective for students learning English in the foreign language setting, where students have few opportunities to learn vocabulary outside of an English class. Because no prior knowledge of vocabulary is expected, students are not asked to match the new vocabulary with pictures. Rather, the explicit presentation of meaning and pronunciation described above precedes any practice of vocabulary. Teaching always precedes "testing."


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