Teen2teen, three, teacher’s edition 3, 2015

Teen2teen, three, teacher's edition 3, 2015.

Approach and methodology.

The Teen2Teen Student Book was written specifically for teenagers learning English outside of the English-speaking world, where exposure to English and opportunity to practice take place almost entirely in the setting of a classroom. This Teacher's Edition was written specifically for you, the teacher in the foreign language setting, who is the most important model of English for students and their guide in becoming English speakers. In order to help students notice, remember, and use English, the 12 units in the Teen2Teen Student Book integrate and recombine target language in all parts of the unit. Following is a description of the parts of a unit and general teaching suggestions for maximizing their value in the classroom setting. In addition to the general suggestions in this section, you will find specific step-by-step teaching procedures for each page of Teen2Teen Three in the Teaching Notes section (pages 4-103) of this Teacher's Edition.

Teen2teen, three, teacher's edition 3, 2015


The approach to reading in Teen2Teen meets several key needs for the effective development of reading skills and strategies. Students are exposed to a variety of authentic reading genres, representing both print and digital text types. Reading texts integrate and reinforce vocabulary and grammar from the unit and previous units. The texts engage student interest through topics appropriate to teens. Each Reading text includes illustrations or photos that support comprehension.The exercises that follow each text have been carefully designed so students apply key reading skills and strategies they will need for exams and understanding authentic texts.


To the Teacher
Teaching Notes
Welcome to Teen2Teen
Review: Units 1-3
Review: Units 4-6
Review: Units 7-9
Review: Units 10-12
Class Audio CDs - Track List
Workbook Answer Key
Word List

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