Cambridge English, storyfun 6, Student’s book, Saxby K., 2017

Cambridge English, storyfun 6, student's book, second edition, Saxby K., 2017.

Take your children into a world of reading fun with these full colour lively stories! Each is a springboard for language practice with activities to check comprehension and more.
• Take learning to the next level with new Songs, Speaking Practice and Projects.
• Enjoy English with the family using the Home Fun Booklet.
• Boost confidence with key grammar, vocabulary and skills for Cambridge English: Starters.
• Introduce learners to Cambridge English; Starters test-style tasks.
• Promote values such as well-being, social awareness and resilience, as well as management of emotions.
• Save time with step-by-step guidance and extra photocopiable materials in the Teachers Book.

Cambridge English, storyfun 6, student's book, second edition, Saxby K., 2017

Swan Island.

Hugo, Charlie and Jack lived with their parents next to a large lake. Hugo and Jack were boys, of course, but Charlie was a girl. Her real name was Charlotte but the family usually called her Charlie or Lotty because those names were shorter.
The children lived in the countryside so there were no cinemas or exciting skate parks near their home and there were no concerts or festivals or restaurants to go to. But the three children didn't mind because they all loved sailing. Their father taught them to swim and sail when they were very young. Hugo and Charlie were
There was an island in the middle of the lake. The children called it Swan island because once, only once, they found a swan's nest there. They often sailed across the water to it. When they got to the island, they sometimes made a fire there and cooked meatballs or sausages. Some nights they stayed on the island in their father's old tent. They were never afraid of sailing to the island by themselves or frightened of sleeping there alone on dark, cold nights.


1. Swan Island.
2. Brilliant bikes.
3. Frank's funny shopping trip.
4. A cake for a queen.
5. Katy's favourite song.
6. William's strangest story.
7. The past and the future.
8. The School of Science.
9. Let's have fun!
10. Let's speak!
11. Let's say!
12. Wordlist.

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