Cambridge English, storyfun 5, Student’s book, Saxby K., 2017

Cambridge English, storyfun 5, student's book, second edition, Saxby K., 2017.

Take your children into a world of reading fun with these full colour lively stories! Each is a springboard for language practice with activities to check comprehension and more.
• Take learning to the next level with new Songs, Speaking Practice and Projects.
• Enjoy English with the family using the Home Fun Booklet.
• Boost confidence with key grammar, vocabulary and skills for Cambridge English: Starters.
• Introduce learners to Cambridge English; Starters test-style tasks.
• Promote values such as well-being, social awareness and resilience, as well as management of emotions.
• Save time with step-by-step guidance and extra photocopiable materials in the Teachers Book.

Cambridge English, storyfun 5, student's book, second edition, Saxby K., 2017

The village party.

Sophia Walter and her brother, William, lived in a small village. On the last day of May, Sophia said to William, 'It's June next month and 21" June is the longest day of the year here, isn't it? Why don't we have an enormous party that day? What do you think? I looked on the calendar. That day is a Saturday this year. We can invite
William laughed, 'Well perhaps a hundred. That's an amazing idea! I'd like to invite everyone in my group at college and you should send invitations to all your classmates, Sophia.'
'Right! And to everyone in the family AND everyone who lives in the village,' Sophia added.
'Good thinking!' said William. 'We could have party quizzes, races and competitions, too. I might win one for dancing.'
'William, you aren't very good at dancing ... sorry,' Sophia said. 'But, well, you ARE improving slowly ... . Hey! Pop or rock music?'
'Both,' William answered. 'We can tell everyone to wear funny costumes as well.'
'Or their best clothes,' Sophia said.
'Let's say, wear funny costumes OR best clothes, then,' William said.


1. The village party.
2. Ben's wishes.
3. Treasure.
4. The king's colours.
5. Robert's envelopes.
6. Lara and the mountain lion.
7. Harry's diary.
8. Summer fun Let's have fun!
9. Let's speak!
10. Let's say!
11. Wordlist.

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