Exam booster, with answer key, Chilton H., Dignen S., 2017

Exam booster, with answer key, Chilton H., Dignen S., 2017.

The Exam Booster provides focused exam practice of all parts of the Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) and Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) for Schools exam. Prepare your students for the exam, ensuring they gain the confidence, skills and knowledge they need for exam day.

Exam booster, with answer key, Chilton H., Dignen S., 2017


The Writing section consists of Parts 6-8 of the Reading and Writing paper. Candidates' answers in the Writing paper are marked by trained examiners who are certificated to mark at the level. Correct answers in Part 6 are worth 1 mark each. Part 7 is marked using a short answer mark scheme and the total number of possible marks is 5. Part 8 is marked using assessment scales which are linked to the Common European Framework of Reference. 0-5 marks are given for each of the following criteria: Content; Communicative Achievement; Organisation; and Language. Whole marks only are awarded; there are no half marks given. Marks for each of the criteria are combined to give 20 possible marks for this part, weighted to 15. There are 25 possible marks for writing.


Map of the book.
How to use the Exam Booster.
Exam overview.
The Cambridge Scale of English.
Reading Part 1.
Reading Part 2.
Reading Part 3.
Reading Part 4.
Reading Part 5. 
Writing Part 1. 
Writing Part 2. 
Writing Part 3. 
Listening Part 1. 
Listening Part 2. 
Listening Part 3. 
Listening Part 4. 
Speaking Part 1. 
Speaking Part 2. 
Speaking Parts 3 and 4.
Think about it.
Preliminary topic lists.
Answer key.

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