Chatterbox 4, Pupil s book, Holderness J.A.

Chatterbox 4, Pupil's book, Holderness J.A.

  Chatterbox is a four-part beginner’s course for children learning English in primary schools.
• Chatterbox makes learning easy with an exciting serial story
• Chatterbox involves children in a variety of fun activities
• Chatterbox follows a carefully graded syllabus which allows for recycling of language
• Chatterbox gives children a thorough grounding in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Chatterbox 4, Pupil's book, Holderness J.A.

Inside the pyramid.
Later, Uncle John and the children went back to the pyramid.
Uncle John had Kashoki’s map, and they went inside the pyramid. It was very dark, but Uncle John had a candle.
They moved on their hands and knees, so they went slowly.
They went left, right, straight on, up, down ... and around and around.

At last they came to a big room. They saw hundreds of boxes, statues and gold coins.
But they did not see Spider Smith! He was behind some boxes.
Then Caroline said: ‘Look over there! I can see the box with the missing pages!’

The children and Uncle John ran towards the box. Suddenly they fell into a big hole! Caroline dropped the candle, and at first they could not see anything.
But there was something else in the hole with them! Kate saw two green eyes... then four green eyes ...

There were hundreds of snakes in the hole! The children were very frightened.
‘Don’t move!’ said Uncle John.
Suddenly they saw a face above them. ‘It’s Spider Smith!’ said Caroline.
Spider looked down at them and laughed. ‘Please, Spider,’ said Ken. ‘Help us!’.

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