Chatterbox 2, Teacher’s book, Strange D.

Chatterbox 2, Teacher's book, Strange D.

   Chatterbox is a four-level course for children of primary school age who are learning English for the first time. Chatterbox Levels 1 and 2 cover the first year of study. Levels 3 and 4 cover the second year. There are fifteen units in each level. A unit contains material for three lessons of 50 minutes each with additional material for extra work in class and for homework.

Chatterbox 2, Teacher's book, Strange D.

Lesson One.
Language focus.
Talking about likes and dislikes: Present simple of the verb like.
New words
great! pop music record (noun) swimming terrible.

1 Begin collecting in pupils' picture-poems, if they have been writing them as suggested at the end of the last unit. Encourage all pupils to finish and bring in their poems.

2 Chant the World weather rhyme, which pupils should now know by heart. They can clap to the rhythm of the words. If a map of the world is available, ask pupils to point to the countries you ask about: Where is Japan? etc.

Presentation (pupil s book p.25 CS20).
3 Do you like this record? Books open. Before listening: Pre-teach the words record (sketch one on the board, or show the covers of some records), great! and terrible (show the meaning of these by gestures and facial expression).
•Play CS20. Pupils listen and read.
• Write the question Do you like... ?and the short answers Yes. I do./No, I don't, on the board.
• Drill the new question and answers as follows: Show the covers of the pop records you have brought into the lesson (or write the names of the records on the board) one by one. Ask pupils: Do you like this record? and help them to answer Yes. I do. It’s great! or No, I don’t. It’s terrible!

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