New Headway, Pre-Intermediate, Vocabulary Quizzes, Fourth edition, 2014

New Headway, Pre-Intermediate, Vocabulary Quizzes, Fourth edition, 2014.

Фрагмент из книги:
1. aboriginal adj a. extremely surprising
2. accident n b. a group of young people who spend time together, often fighting with other groups
3. amazing adj c. a room or building which we use for showing works of art
4. another time d. when two people who have never met each other go out for a romantic meeting
5. art gallery n e. a friendly expression that we say before drinking an alcohol
6. as many as f. a person who has lived in a country/continent from earliest time
7. attractive adj g. narrow sticks that we use for eating East Asian food.

New Headway, Pre-Intermediate, Vocabulary Quizzes, Fourth edition, 2014

Match the words with their definitions.
1. actually adv a. feeling fear or worry
2. afraid adj b. wishing you had what another person has
3. architect n c. in fact or really
4. article n d. showing enthusiasm (a feeling of energetic interest)
5. average n e. a person whose job is to design new buildings
6. behave v f. a type of music with the similar sounds produced by electronic devices
7. bright-red adj g. a piece of writing on a particular subject in a newspaper
8. Cheer-upl h. to copy programs or information into a computer's memory, especially from the Internet or a larger computer
9. chill out v i. usual, typical
10. clubs pin j. unhappy and without hope for the future
11. currently adv k. to act in a particular way
12. dance music n 1. to need the help and support of smb or sth
13. deaf adj m. shiny red
14. depend on v n. unable to hear completely or partly
15. depressed adj o. a loud shout of approval or encouragement
16. download v p. a type of music with a strong beat played usually in nightclubs
17. electro music n q. to relax completely
18. energetic adj r. existing or happening now
19. enthusiastic adj s. places where people go because they want to dance and drink
20. envious adj t. having or involving a lot of energy.

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