Keynote Intermediate, Workbook, Lansford L., 2016

Keynote Intermediate, Workbook, Lansford L., 2016.

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MARK BEZOS got a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in advertising and public relations from Texas Christian University in 1992. After he completed his studies, he took a job in an advertising company. He moved through several companies, became an account manager, and finally a vice president at Renegade, LLC, a New York-based social media and marketing agency. In 1999,
Bezos and his business partner David Nathanson started the Bezos Nathanson Marketing Group. Seven years later, they sold the business to a larger advertising company - EastWest Creative - and Bezos joined Robin Hood, a poverty-fighting charity in New York City, as the Senior Vice President of Development, Communications and Events - a role in which he felt excited to have found a way to use his sales skills to do good. In 2012, Bezos became a volunteer captain in the Scarsdale Volunteer Fire Company in Westchester County, New York, where he lives with his wife and four children.

Keynote Intermediate, Workbook, Lansford L., 2016

The changing world of English.
About 375 to 450 million people speak English as their native (first) language, but there are 900 million to 1.5 billion non-native English speakers. Experts say that only about 25 per cent of conversations in English involve a native speaker. That means that three quarters of the world's English language communication takes place among speakers of English as a second (or third or fourth) language.

These days, in many areas of work, English is a basic skill, like maths, that everyone needs in order to do their job. This wasn’t true twenty or thirty years ago. At that time, English language education in many places prepared students for travel to North America, the UK or Australia. But that’s changing. Now that English is a world language, learners need to prepare themselves to communicate with people from all over the world -people who have different accents, and may come from a wide variety of different cultures.

1 Working life.
2 Trends.
3 IVIoney.
4 Success.
5 Marketing.
6 Communication.
7 Experience.
8 Seeing the future.
9 Being effective.
10 Tine environment.
11 Leaders and tiiinkers.
12 Well-being.
Answer key.

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