Язык средств массовой информации Великобритании и США, Лебедева М.С., Фролова Г.М., 2002

Язык средств массовой информации Великобритании и США, Лебедева М.С., Фролова Г.М., 2002.

  Данное пособие составлено в соответствии с требованиями современной методики. Материалы пособия позволяют формировать у студентов умения и навыки иноязычной коммуникации и обеспечивают возможность формирования у обучаемых стратегий иноязычного общения.
В ходе работы над темами особое внимание уделяется социо-культурному аспекту.
Пособие создает благоприятные условия для автономного обучения, для формирования умений самостоятельной работы с газетными материалами, для самосовершенствования (в частности, накопления и расширения словарного запаса).

Язык средств массовой информации Великобритании и США, Лебедева М.С., Фролова Г.М., 2002

Read these sentences. Translate them into Russian.
1. It’s election day in Chad. People throughout the country have been casting their votes at the first contested election since independence from France in 1960.
2. On September 15th the voters of Hong Kong, easting ballots in the British colony’s first truly democratic legislative election, delivered China a slap in the face.
3. This Sunday, Peruvians vote to elect their 23rd president.
4. It is the second time in a fortnight that the people of Hungary have been asked to go to the polls and today the atmosphere is matter of fact, with none of the sense of occasion which prevailed two weeks ago when voters were voting freely for the first time in 40 years.
5. “We expect a very high turnout”, a Tory official said.
6. But many liberals and conservatives may abstain from voting because in recent months they have been hit by inflation and unemployment and the colourless platforms of the establishment parties have but limited appeal for them.
7. A growing proportion of Europeans are not bothering to vote. In Portugal abstentions leapt from 22 per cent in the 1987 general election to 32 per cent in 1991.

The Media
Types of media
The press
Articles the newspaper carries
What is the press often criticized for?
Suing for libel
Gagging the press
Electronic media
News programmes
Political Correctness
The campaign platform
Seeking nomination
Polls and pollsters
Trailing or riding high?
Casting your ballot
Getting elected
Electoral fraud
Election results
Throwing the incumbents out
Forming a government
Honeymoons and lame ducks
Grassroots support and votes of confidence
Undemocratic regimes
Toppling governments
Unrest, rioting and looting
Diplomacy and war
Talks, and talks about talks
Delegates, opposite numbers and sherpas
Cordial and friendly, or businesslike and frank?
Compromise and deadlock
Diplomatic relations
War and threats of war
Warring parties
Victims of war
Ending the bloodshed
The peace process
Shares and the stock market
Market movements
Going up, going up by small and moderate amounts
Going down by a small or moderate amount, or by a large amount
Boom, recession and depression
People in business
Scandals and wrongdoings
Understanding Headlines
Article One
Who Cares About a Free Press
Article Two
Doubts About Democracy
Article three
The Maze of Nationalism
Article Four
The Resistible Rise of the West
Article Five
The Hole He Left Behind.

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