An uzbek glossary, Hervé Guérin, 2003

An uzbek glossary, Hervé Guérin, 2003.
  To make it easier for the student of the Uzbek language to acquire its basic lexicon. To achieve that, lexical items are presented according to their semantic relationships, and their syntactic category and behaviour are indicated as well.
Such a glossary will of course prove useful only in the context of a steady practice of the language, with regular use of other oral or written materials. This is all the more true that no example of use in context has been given here.

An uzbek glossary, Hervé Guérin, 2003

First column.
The first column contains Uzbek head-words with words derived from when selected. A head-word appears at the beginning of the cell, and is written in capital letters. A head-word is the root word for words derived from it, and may itself derives from a head-word appearing elsewhere in the glossary.

Derived words follow, written in lower case italics.
Only words appear in first column. Relevant grammatical derivations, expressions and collocations appear in second column, these being more or less specific uses of the word in first column. The basic criterion for determining what is a word is simply its spelling, a word being written in one piece.

Derived and reduplicate terms (e.g. qarama-qarshi, opposite) appear in the same line as the head-word, but in second column, more for space reasons than anything else. They are written in lower case italics.

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