Common Mistakes in English, Fitikides T.J., 2002

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Common Mistakes in English, Fitikides T.J., 2002.
   This book has been designed to meet the requirements of students whose mother tongue is not English. Its main purpose is to help to correct the common mistakes to which foreign learners of English are liable.
The method adopted throughout this work is uniform. All the errors dealt with arc singled out, for they have to be recognised before they can be corrected; then correct forms are substituted for incorrect ones; finally, simple explanations are given wherever necessary to justify particular usages. Exercises are set at the end to ensure that the principles may become firmly fixed in the students' minds.

Common Mistakes in English, Fitikides T.J., 2002

Misused forms.
Using the wrong preposition
1 Absorbed ( =  very much interested) in, not at. Don't say:
The man was absorbed at his work.
/ Say: The man was absorbed in his work.

2 Accuse of, not for.
Don't say: She accused the man for stealing.
/ Say: She accused the man of stealing.
Note: Charge takes with: The man was charged with murder.

3 Accustomed to, not with.
Don't say: I’m accustomed with hot weather.
/ Say: I'm accustomed to hot weather.
Note: Also used to: He is used to the heat.

4 Afraid of. not from.
Don't say: Laura is afraid from the dog.
/ Say: Laura is afraid of the dog.

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