Английский язык, Happy English, 9 класс, рабочая тетрадь №1, Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю., 2009

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Английский язык, Happy English, 9 класс, Рабочая тетрадь №1 , Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю., 2009.

   Рабочие тетради № 1, 2 входят в состав УМК "Счастливый английский.ру" для 9-го класса, Предназначены для выполнения письменных заданий в классе и дома. В них помещены контрольные задания разделов учебника. В каждой рабочей тетради содержится дополнительный материал по изучаемым темам, а также упражнения, активизирующие лексический и грамматический материал.

Английский язык, Happy English, 9 класс, Рабочая тетрадь №1 , Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю., 2009

What kind of tourist are you? Complete the sentences and find out.
1. When you come to a new city you want to visit
a) the most famous places.
b) something very special which not a lot of tourists know about.
c) the places which you've read about and have always wanted to see.

2. Before you leave the hotel in the morning, you'll have a substantial breakfast because
a) you won't have the time for food during the day.
b) it's very expensive to eat in cafes and restaurants near tourist attractions.
c) you like to try new things and a good breakfast can be as interesting as a visit to a museum.

3. If your guide has a poor sense of direction,
a) you'll check your guide all the time and get really worried.
b) every morning you'll carefully plan your route yourself and always carry a map with you.
c) you won't mind. When you get lost, you still can see a lot of interesting things.

3. You are having lunch in the restaurant and suddenly understand that the person sitting in the far corner is a famous singer.
a) You will run to this person and try to take a picture.
b) You will wait until this person finishes lunch and ask for an autograph.
c) You will carry on with your lunch.

4. You see a long queue near the shopping centre.
a) You'll take out your camera and take a picture of the queue.
b) You'll join the queue.
c) You'll try to ask somebody from the queue what's going on.

Unit 1 Hello America!

Lesson 1 Welcome to New York
Article 7
Lessons 2,3 New York, New York
Lesson 4 Streets and avenues
Cardinal and ordinal numerals
Lesson 5 "I believe in liberty and happiness"
Lessons 6, 7 Have you ever tried blintzes?
Lesson 8 Project
Lessons 9, 10 Robin MacWizard's diary Part I
Unit 2 Do good clothes open all doors?
Lesson 1 What's in?
Lessons 2,3 My favourite things
Direct and reported speech
Lesson 4 Grungers and Preppies
Lesson 5 You'll never believe it!
Reported speech
Lessons 6, 7 What size are you?
Lessons 8, 9 Robin MacWizard's diary
Unit 3 Good health is above wealth
Lesson 1 Sequence of tenses
Sequence of tenses
Lessons 2,3 What happened to Jane?
Lesson 4 How can you burn calories?
Lessons 5,6 "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"
Lesson 7 Don't forget your medical insurance
Lessons 8,9 George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

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Купить книгу Английский язык, Happy English, 9 класс, Рабочая тетрадь №1 , Кауфман К.И., Кауфман М.Ю., 2009 .

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