New Millennium English, 9 класс, Гроза О.Л., 2006

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New Millennium English, 9 класс, Гроза О.Л., 2006.

    Учебник английского языка для 9 класса общеобразовательных учреждений.
В учебнике последовательно реализован коммуникативно-когнитивный подход, используется комбинация современных и традиционных методов. Тематика текстов и заданий соответствует возрастным особенностям и потребностям учащихся. Страноведческий материал позволяет решать задачу воспитания уважения к иностранной культуре.

New Millennium English, 9 класс, Гроза О.Л., 2006

There are many people I admire for several different reasons, but the person I admire the most is myself. Here are the reasons why. First of all, I am the most patient person I know. I can wait years for something. Also, I try to give myself a fighting chance in this world. When I look around. I see so many people throwing their lives away with drugs, violence, etc. Besides, I look at things the way they are and not just the way I want them to be.

My father is the person that I truly admire in my life. He is very important to me. He has supported me strongly in every way he could possibly do. He has given me the love which was denied to him by others. He is a man who has never accepted things the way they are. He did a lot for his parents and his own family. Although he is not an educated man, he always knows what he is doing. He never loses hope, but continues to fight to turn his dreams into reality. What a great father he is!

UNIT 1 People with personality. 4
UNIT 2 Our fragile world 18 4
UNIT 3 Learning to learn 34
UNIT4 Our varied land. 50
UNIT 5 Let's travel Australia! 66
UNIT 6 What's in the news? 82
UNIT7 What's your line?
UNIT 8 Making your day out fuп 110
UNIT 9 Books 124
UNIT 10 Healthy body, healthy mind 140
Extensive reading 155
Grammar reference 176
Irregular verbs 183
list of active vocabulary 184.

Купить книгу New Millennium English, 9 класс, Гроза О.Л., 2006 .

Купить книгу New Millennium English, 9 класс, Гроза О.Л., 2006 .

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