Swing, Robinson M., Vorobiev P., 2003

Swing, Robinson M., Vorobiev P., 2003.

   This book builds on the successful approach of the first edition of Swing, once again taking the power and flexibility of Java's Swing library to its limits. Using a fast-paced style, it starts by introducing each of the Swing components and continues with production-quality code examples in which Swing features are customized, combined, and vigorously exercised to demonstrate real-world usage.

Swing, Robinson M., Vorobiev P., 2003

   Part I consists of two chapters that lay the foundation for a successful and productive journey through the JFC Swing class library. The first begins with a brief overview of what Swing is and an introduction to its architecture. The second builds up into a detailed discussion of the key mechanisms underlying Swing, and how to interact with them. There are several sections on topics that are fairly advanced, such as multithreading and painting. This material is central to many areas of Swing and by introducing it in chapter 2, your understanding of what is to come will be significantly enhanced. We expect that you will want to refer back to this chapter quite often, and in several places we explicitly refer you to it in the text. At the very least, it is recommended that you know what chapter 2 contains before moving on.

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