Check Your English Vocabulary for TOEFL. Rawdon Wyatt. 2007

Название: Check Your English Vocabulary for TOEFL.

Автор: Rawdon Wyatt.

   Более чем 60 заданий, включая игры, ребусы, викторины, делает эту рабочую книгу идеальной для улучшения и пополнения словарного запаса английских слов. Написанная специально для студентов готовящихся к сдаче TOEFL (теста на знание английского как иностранного языка), эта книга-гид превосходно подходит в качестве самоучителя или может быть объединена с уже существующей учебной программой для подготовки к TOEFL. Содержание структурировано по тематическим группам и используемой лексике. Также включены вопросы сходные с теми, что присутствует в TOEFL, и преподаватель, вместе со своими заметками и таблицами, может использовать их для составления тестовых заданий, давать которые можно как для самостоятельной работы дома, так и для тренировки в классе.

Check Your English Vocabulary for TOEFL. Rawdon Wyatt. 2007

If you are going to take the TOEFL, you will find the vocabulary exercises in this workbook very helpful. They will help you to review, practice and acquire a lot of the words and expressions that you might need to use in the Writing and Speaking sections, or that you might come across or be tested on in the Listening and Reading sections. A greater command of vocabulary is one of the key factors that will help you raise your TOEFL® score.
Structure of the workbook
The workbook is divided into 2 sections. The first section deals with general vocabulary, including synonyms, idioms and phrasal verbs. The second, smaller section is topic-specific, and focuses on some of the topics that regularly appear in the TOEFL. Each topic is accompanied by a typical TOEFL Writing question, which will give you the chance to use the key vocabulary in an essay. There is a comprehensive answer key at the back of the book.
How to use the book
You should not go through the exercises mechanically. It is better to choose areas that you are unfamiliar with, or areas that you feel are of specific interest or importance to yourself. Remember that you should keep a record of new words and expressions that you learn, and review these from time to time so that they become an active part of your vocabulary. There is a vocabulary record sheet at the back of the book which you can photocopy as many times as you like. Use this to build up your own personal vocabulary bank. It is essential to have a good dictionary with you when you are doing the exercises. For basic vocabulary, we recommend the American English Study Dictionary (ISBN 978 1 9016 5969 6). For a more advanced and in-depth coverage of vocabulary, the Macmillan English Dictionary (ISBN 978 1 4050 2628 4), from which many of the sample sentences in this book are taken, is ideal.

Page Title
4. Addition, equation, and conclusion
5. “American” English
8. Changes
10. Comparing and contrasting
11. Condition and requirement
12. Confusing words and false friends
15. Idioms and colloquialisms 1
17. Idioms and colloquialisms 2
19. Idioms and colloquialisms 3
21. Idioms and colloquialisms 4
23. Metaphors
26. Numbers and symbols
27. Obligation and option
28. Opinion, attitude, and belief
31. Opposites: Verbs
34. Opposites: Adjectives
37. Phrasal verbs 1
38. Phrasal verbs 2
40. Phrasal verbs 3
43. Prefixes
45. Presenting an argument
47. Pronouns and determiners
49. Similar meanings: Adjectives 1
50. Similar meanings: Adjectives 2
51. Similar meanings: Nouns
53. Similar meanings: Verbs 1
57. Similar meanings: Verbs 2
60. Spelling
61. Starting and stopping
63. Task commands
65. Time
67. Word association: Adjectives
69. Word association: Nouns
72. Word association: Verbs
75. Word forms: Nouns from verbs
77. Word forms: Nouns from adjectives
79. Word forms: Adjectives from verbs
80. “Working” words
82. Topics 1: Children and the family
84. Topics 2: Education
86. Topics 3: Food and diet
88. Topics 4: The media
90. Topics 5: Money and finance
93. Topics 6: Nature and the environment
95. Topics 7: On the road
97. Topics 8: Science and technology
98. Topics 9: Town and country
101. Topics 10: Travel
103. Topics 11: Work
105. Mini topics
110. Vocabulary record sheet
111. Vocabulary record sheet sample
112. Answers

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