Test Your. Business English. General Usage. McKellen J.S. 1990

Название: Test Your. Business English. General Usage.

Автор: McKellen J.S.

   Test Your Business English General Usage provides an introduction to essential business English terms and vocabulary. The book is divided into five sections covering: selling, foreign trade, money, companies and management, and the office. Test Your Business English General Usage contains 50 tests.

Test Your. Business English. General Usage. McKellen J.S. 1990

   Since English is the international language of business, a knowledge of English business terms is essential for successful business people, even if their main function is not in international trade. This book, part of the Test Your Vocabulary series, is designed to help the reader to acquire this knowledge.
The choice of which language items to include has been made on a practical basis: how often the words are used, and how important it is to know them. Informal (and, in one instance, spoken) language is included, with tests of appropriacy in register; some words appear in more than one context. The areas of business covered range from basic office practice to specialised areas such as import/export and insurance.
A range of exercise types, including gap-filling, multiple choice, dialogue completion, crosswords, anagrams, etc., is provided to stimulate and help the reader to internalise the vocabulary.
You will not necessarily wish or need to test yourself in all the areas of business covered in this book. But in order for the new words to become "fixed" in your mind, you need to test yourself again and again. We suggest that you:
1 Read the instructions carefully and try the test (writing your answers in pencil and checking them).
2 Correct any mistakes and pay special attention to words which caused you difficulty or that you got wrong.
3 Wait five or ten minutes, then try the test again. (Cover your answers or get a friend to read out the questions.)
4 Repeat this until you know all the words.
5 Now rub out your answers and try the test again the next day; again, pay special attention to any words which cause difficulty.
6 Make sure that you try the test again at least twice within the next month; this should "fix" most of the words in your mind.

To the student
In the office
1 In the office
2 Secretarial duties 1
3 Secretarial duties 2
4 Secretarial work
5 Numbers
6 Communications
7 Travel
8 Business letters 1
9 Business letters 2
10 Taking the minutes
11 Computers 1
12 Computers 2
13 Computers 3
Companies and management
14 The art of management
15 Becoming a manager
16 Business structure 1
17 Business structure 2
18 The branch office
19 Making appointments
20 Negotiating with trade unions
21 Contracts
22 Forecasts
23 Agents and agencies
24 Takeovers and mergers
25 The protection of intellectual ownership
26 Targets and records
27 The warehouse
28 Banking 1
29 Banking 2
30 Rates, indexes and accounts
31 Accounts 1
32 Accounts 2
33 Accounts 3
34 Accounts 4
35 Insurance
36 Finance 1
37 Finance 2
38 Audits - the year-end nightmare
39 The sales department
40 Retailing 1
41 Retailing 2
42 Marketing and promotion
43 Complaints 1: Making a complaint
44 Complaints 2: The reply
46 Orders
Foreign trade
46 Import/export 1
47 Import/export 2
48 Import/export 3
49 Shipping 1
60 Shipping 2

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